Nine Months Mix

by Sleuth

  • Limited Edition Nine Months Mix Disc
    Compact Disc (CD)

    Edition of 15.
    Each with different drawings by band members, with two unreleased tracks as a sampling of things to come. Nine Month Mix represents a very personal effort where the band has complete control over the sound and direction, as mixed by The Lion in Love, with the engineering help of Colin Stewart.

    No it does not include an automatic download, however, Bandcamp won't allow us to remove that writing. Because this is not a big or necessarily official release, we won't be posting the songs on Bandcamp until we have the rest of our tracks completed for a proper release, however, "Monument" and "Wildlife" could very well turn out as different sounding mixes by that juncture, so this edition represents a limited opportunity to have a different version of what will be the official release. You can find some live footage on YouTube of at least one of the songs to get the gist.

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In a limited edition of 15, pick up the newest Sleuth songs unreleased on any other medium. This is a sampling of things to come.
Songs include "Monument" and "Wildlife"
Each disc is numbered and has a drawing by Oliver or The Lion in Love.


released March 8, 2013

Engineered by Colin Stewart
Mixed by The Lion in Love



Sleuth Vancouver, British Columbia

Sleuth hail from the wilds of Vancouver's surrounding towns and cities.

We take art, pop music, cherry coke, comics, jokes, films and mid-century literature very seriously.

The Lion in Love: String-slinger, singer, some songwriter

Julian Bowers: Skin-smasher, string-slinger, some songwriter

Oliver McTavish-Wisden: Key-caster

Jon Manning: Bass-blaster
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